Can anyone enter?
Artists of all abilities aged 16 or above can enter for the main prize.

Where do I register on the day? 

Register from 10am at HQ, the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Alexandra Road, Swansea.

Can the BIG ART supply any materials or equipment such as easels?
Unfortunately no we cannot. Artists must bring all their own materials.

Can I enter on the day?
Yes, but only if the maximum number of entries has not been reached. Check in on this page and social media for updates closer to the day. Online until 4.30pm on Friday 2nd August.

Can it be anywhere in Swansea City Centre?
Yes, map of designated area is HERE and as long as you don’t do anything that would break the law or cause a public nuisance.

Can I bring something that I created beforehand?
No, the whole idea and fun of BIG ART is that everyone creates their work of art from scratch in just one day.

Why do I need to get my canvas / medium stamped?
We need to see your artist’s ticket and put a small stamp on the back of your canvas. This is to prove that you started the day with it completely blank.

Can I submit more than one art work?
Yes, but max 3 per person.

Does it have to be outdoors?
No, we will accept art work created inside any buildings open to public. You must get permission from the property or business owner.

Is there a maximum or a minimum size for entries?
There is no minimum size but the maximum is 2m sq.

Can I bring my finished art work back to the BIG ART HQ at any time?
Yes, there will be someone in RETURN HQ (Grand Theatre foyer) at all times to receive the art work.

Do I have to sell my art work?
No you don’t have to, but if you would like to, you need to let us know and you decide on the sale price. We will share the sale price (60% to the artist and 40% to the organisers) and the costs of postage and packaging shared 50:30. Any funds received by the organisers will go back into the pot for next year’s event or otherwise go to charity.

How are the pieces judged?
– Each work of art must interpret the theme of the day – the City Centre;
– Each of the three judges bring their own experiences and knowledge to the competition: we have a professional artist; a gallery owner and a former government minister

The three judges will make a collective decision

Is this a one-off competition?
We hope not! This is our first competition but we hope this will be an annual event. Our ambitions is for BIG ART to become a permanent date in the regions art calendar!